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Franklin BBQ Austin, Tx

The Best 4 Hours in Austin, Texas

Franklin Barbeque ( needs no introduction.  If you are remotely familiar with smoked meats, then you most certainly know of Aaron Franklin.  James Beard Award winner for Best Chef Southwest in 2015. The likes of President Obama, Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern all sing his praise.  The list of accolades can go on and on.  But the one question that everyone wants answered; that I wanted answered…is it really worth it?

The Posse (more on them in future posts) and I recently travelled to Austin, Texas.  We had a great time.  Stayed at the beautiful and iconic Driskill Hotel  (, explored the nightlife on 6th street, even found time to hit the golf ball.  But the 4+ hours of waiting in line for the Brisket and Ribs was, by far, the best time I had in Austin, Texas.

The place does not open until 11 am; but if you are not in line by 9ish; there is a good chance you miss out on the best bite of food in Texas.  That’s right, I said it, the Brisket will simply melt in your mouth. Arrive any later, and you may not get any food.  Franklins sells out nearly every day.  If that alone doesn’t convince you that it’s worth it, maybe this will.

My college days have come and gone. But the environment outside Franklin’s is more like tailgating at a Gator Football game than waiting in line for a Big Box to open on Black Friday. The smell of smoked meat permeating the air, sipping on your favorite cocktail and playing corn hole with your new friends is all part of the environment.

Check this out:

This video was taken 1.5 hrs BEFORE the place was even scheduled to be open.  Honestly, the “wait” is not much of a wait if you come ready.  Once the doors open and the line begins to crawl forward, the anticipation really kicks in.  Your heart will begin to beat a little faster, more like the anticipation of your first kiss than Christmas morning.

At last; you arrive to the meat counter.  HEADS UP: the portions are huge, and you may initially want a little of everything.  Trust me, I’m not judging you.  Worst case scenario is you have leftovers and make friends with nearly everyone in Austin who will be begging for a bite.  But my opinion, the best thing to try, is the Brisket and its my MUST HAVE.

Something that takes days to make is worth a short 4 hour wait. Grab a chair, a refreshing cocktail, and make some friends…because its worth every minute.


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