Rules of Court…The Simple, or Not, Truth About Pete’s Reviews

From time to time, I may actually review a new restaurant or a new dish at an establishment I’ve previously visited.  Maybe its the lawyer in me, but I do believe a review needs to be absent of any bias.  And, so to be fair to the few of you who ever read these reviews, and more importantly, to the Chef and Restaurant I review, here are the simple, or not, rules I go by to ensure the most honest, unbiased, and credible review.

  1. Yes, it is true I get invited to establishments to try out food or check out a new location.  Yes, it is true I sometimes accept those invitations.  But to be clear, I will NEVER right a review after attending this type of experience.  A review will always be based on a meal or experience that I have paid for.  Period. End of Story.
  2.  If its a new place I’m checking out, or a place I’ve been to before but wanting to try a new dish, I will NEVER ANNOUNCE THAT I’M GOING. Not sure the restaurant would even care really, let alone know who the hell I am, but to be fair, I want the same experience everyone else gets.
  3. You only have one chance to make a first impression. A Review of an establishment, or a new dish at a place I’ve been to, will be based on my first time.  Good or bad, I may very well return; but the review is on my first impression; which to me, eliminates any bad or good preconceived thoughts that may unconsciously occur as a result of past experiences.

The Simple, or Not, truth is that the Review is going to remain as unbiased as it can possibly be. My review is not meant for you to like or dislike an establishment or dish.  On the contrary, I encourage you to go and try the place out for yourself; form your own opinions.  There is no right or wrong here, just the everyday father giving you his perspective… what you do with it is completely up to you.

Eat Well Friends.. Cheers!