It’s 10pm on a Friday night.  10 years ago, that was “go time”.  Friends are over and we are pre-gaming for a night out.  Kamikazes, Jager Bomb,s or one of my personal favorites, the Irish Car Bomb.  Truth be told, I would occasionally throw back some chocolate cake shots


One, of at least 5, Chocolate Cake Shots that night


Yea…try one before you judge me; they went down nice and smooth.

It’s near midnight, and you are out with friends.  You are feeling good, confident enough to show off your dance moves.  It was a nice high, a feeling not appreciated enough because of our age.

But let’s face it, we can likely count on one hand how many times in the past year we had a night when we took 4+ shots.  By no means am I attempting to persuade you not to have these nights.  But with kids, sleep deprivation and investing, at least, the day after to recover, those nights for me are rare.  Sure I regularly sip my scotch, but partying with shots is a thing of the past.

Now we have responsibilities.  Family, bills, work…the list goes on and on.  The idea of feeling that midnight euphoria is fading away in the perpetual stresses of life.

My solution…SOCKS.  Not your grandpa’s socks.  UNIQUE, COLORFUL, DIFFERENT

socks 3

I have drawers of socks.  Christmas Socks, St. Patty’s Day Socks, Dog Socks, Bacon Socks– you name it, I likely have it.  Something about wearing these socks adds that confident boost. They will make you stand out.  I know what you’re thinking, “Pete, no way are a pair of socks going to make me feel the way I did when I was a 21”.  Okay, you’re right….BUT, something about wearing some cool socks adds an unexpected confidence; perhaps it’s the reaction of others appreciating your (attempted) sense of style.  I can promise you a few things:  you will feel more confident putting on a wild pair of socks- don’t ask me why, you just will; it’s definitely a conversation starter, so remember that at your next work outing or business dinner; and your kids will think your hip and cool.  My kids are little; so it goes without saying that I own some Disney Socks:


socks 4


The next time you’re craving that slight buzz without the hangover, try on a pair…you’ll be, confidently, surprised.


Bright, colorful different socks part of your everyday wardrobe, feel free to comment and share some pics below


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