Fratelli’s Pizza and Cafe

Here in Wesley Chapel, one of the biggest arguments among “Chappies” (folks who live in Wesley Chapel) is where to get the best pizza. Quite frankly, I don’t know why anyone bothers to debate this because what’s best for you may not be best for me.  Bob may prefer the floppy pie, while Janice enjoys her pie with a fork and knife.  Sure, we can all shame “Janice” for her pizza pie eating utensil choice, but the point is everyone has a preference and when talking pizza, the opinions are passionate and deeply rooted in our hearts and bellies.

I don’t dare dive in the shark infested waters of the great Chappie Best Pizza Debate.  I’m here to simply tell you why Fratelli’s has some damn good pizza.  One Outnumbered Father’s review of a local pizza joint tossing up some great pies.  Rules of Court are in place.

Nestled in one of several Wesley Chapel shopping plazas, you will find Fratelli’s.  Inside is simple and unassuming; a few tables and the counter where you place your order.  Nothing fancy about the menu.  There are a few non-pizza choices, but for the most part, you came to Fratelli’s for pizza- so for Pete’s sake, order the damn pizza.

The pizza is New York Style; none of that lasagna-like Chicago deep dish garbage.  The classics here are  hand tossed, thin crust and baked in a brick oven.

To be New York Style, for me, it has to pass the B.F.F test.. BIG, FLOPPY, FOLDABLE.  And as a point of measure, I order a cheese pie when checking a place out for the first time; because let’s face it, if you can’t make a cheese pie, you should not be making any pie.

Served nice and hot, the pie was all B.F.F and some.  Light layer of sauce, wonderfully thin crust with a nice chew and much like the décor, the slice is simple…and delicious.  The perfect size, with a respectable fold.


In no way do I submit that this is the best New York Pie you’ll have; after all, it’s New York Style for a reason and I don’t care what a place tries to do, the only place you can have New York pie is in New York- so can we please stop with all that nonsense about shipping New York City water to Florida or spending thousands on a filtration system that will transform local city water into New York City Water.  Just stop it.

But let’s give kudos where it is deserved. Fratelli’s manages to bring a little of New York to Wesley Chapel in all the right, New York Pizza, ways.

And it isn’t an Outnumbered Father review if my girls didn’t have say.  Put it this way, both my babies had their mouths too full to tell us how much they really liked it- which is a safe bet that this Pie was a homerun for them too!


If you are up for trying something other than a cheese pie, ORDER THE GRANDMA PIZZA.  This beauty is Fratelli’s thin crust pan pizza made with Grandma’s Secret Recipe.  And like every Nona (or Teta for my Egyptian crew), they are always right in what they do.  The slight sweetness of the sauce and freshness of the basil truly feels like you’re sitting at Grandma’s house for Sunday Dinner and enjoying a pie made with sauce Grandma had on the stove for hours. Grandma Fratelli, we are all thankful for this one.


So the next time you are looking to have a family dinner, or perhaps getting over a breakup and wanting to eat your feelings, check out Fratelli’s Pizza and Café.  They are located at 5327 Village Mark Wesley Chapel, Fl 33545.

Just the everyday father giving you his perspective….what you do with it is completely up to you.  Eat Well Friends…Cheers!


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