My Promise

I sit here on the heels of reading this Miami Herald article about a male lawyer, in Florida, objecting to a female lawyer’s request to continue an upcoming trial due to a pregnancy.  Feel free to read the article and form your own opinions as I don’t want to make this a post about my (very strong) opinions on this particular situation.  But it made me think; as a father, raising two beautiful, lively, full of potential young girls, am I doing the right thing to pave the way for opportunity and change for them; so that they do not have to encounter similar issues when they grow up and choose to have families of their own? My gut reaction is to say that I am; but when things like this continue to occur, I feel like I’m not.  I’m not doing enough.  We know the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  But when you feel like you are, and the world isn’t changing; what are we left to do?  What are the options?  I started this blog out of the joy and love I have for my family, to share the stories, fun and journey of feeling like an #outnumberedfather in a house full of women.   And as I meet more of you through this journey, I realize there are so many fathers and mothers out there doing their DAMN BEST to raise strong, powerful women.  And so I have hope.  I have hope that these strong fathers and mothers will continue to encourage these young women to do what they want in life; to be their own person; to work hard and never accept defeat.  As I continue to strive to be the change I want to see in the world, I honor my sweet girls by saying:

I Promise you that I will Love You Unconditionally, Support You and be there for you every step of the way.

I promise that when you feel you can’t, I will encourage you and remind you that you can.

I promise that when you are sad, I will tell a horrible dad joke to make you smile.

I promise that when you feel weak, I will remind you that your heart is your strongest muscle and you can move any mountain.

I promise when you feel you don’t know, take a minute, breathe and remember your mind is your most powerful resource to resolve all problems.

You are not weaker because of your gender. You are not limited in your abilities.  You are strong, powerful, capable, courageous, and beautiful.  Dare to dream.  Dream Big.  Never Give Up.  You will overcome all unnecessary obstacles.   I promise you.


Whether you are a new parent or savvy veteran; a mom or dad; have daughters or sons, join me in setting the example and encouraging them that anything is possible.  That everyone deserves respect.  That we don’t treat people differently because they are female, male, gay, straight, black or white.   Make your own promise, pledge or vow. Let’s be the change and set the example… well, so that we don’t see situations of another attorney objecting to a pregnant female attorney’s request for a continuance.

girls 1

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