Two daughters, two dogs and the everyday dad…

I’ve come to the realize that my family is much cooler than I am.  My toddler is clearly too cool for me:

My dogs even pile it on:

Dogs 1

That’s why its important that every father have his Posse. Your crew, homies,  close group of guy friends…call them what you wish. They are the group of guys that you’ve known for years; since childhood, high school, groomsmen in your wedding.  They are the group of guys you have a constant, ongoing group text with; the group of guys that your wife absolutely loves, but deep down questions whether you actually love them more.  These are the guys that have your back, are there for you during the good and bad.  My Posse I have known for years.

Posse 1

When feeling Outnumbered at home, these are the guys I call.  The Posse Trips have created some of the greatest memories.  Check out the Best 4 hours I spent in Austin on a recent Posse Trip


Have any cool Posse Trip stories?


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